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At Greenwood we offer children five meals a day including; Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Tea. We therefore take great responsibility in making sure our children are fed to the best possible standard! All our food is cooked on site by our school cook using organic produce and all our meat is free range and picked up weekly from our local butcher Dugard & Daughters.

As a school we follow the Eat Better Start Better guide which not only benefits what the children are eating but how much they are eating too! The children are given the independence to chose what they want at the table and all meal times offer alternative salad & carbohydrate options so there is always choice and variety.

Our cook also offers the children opportunities throughout the week to help with the cooking, so they have an understanding what goes in their food. These include making our treat of the week, helping top our pizzas with a variety of vegetables, and preparing our ‘vegetable of the week’ in a variety of ways! Once a week we will also make our sandwiches for lunch too giving the children further opportunity to choose what they eat! Our chef also takes part in our planning so she can prepare anything which is on topic from a Chinese themed lunch for Chinese New Year to preparing Haggis for Burns Night.

As a school we do have many children with allergies and other eating restrictions, and it is our duty to make sure these children have alternative nutritious options at every meal. All staff are fully trained in dealing with allergies and we also have a colour coded crockery system at all meals to make sure allergens are highlighted at all times.

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